Day of orientation at College Libermann, edition of 04.02.17

The orientation phase remains the basis of any project, both academic and professional. Unfortunately, we realize more and more that the latter is practically taboo or sloppy in our African ways. This is how we observe a large number of people doing jobs with no links to their academic training, or others who multiply training on training without a well-structured goal. Moreover, it is not uncommon to hear parents say:

<< My son will be an engineer >>

<< My daughter will be a doctor >>

But do these children have the right profile to pursue the path chosen by their parents?

The college LIBERMANN, advised of this fact, invited Admission Internationale (AI) to its orientation day, edition of February 04, 2017. AI, educational company, spoke with the students present at this event, all gathered in this place in order to have an answer to this main question: What to do after high school?

<< … I want to do pharmacy, but my tutor and my mother would like me to continue in Telecommunication and Marketing … >> (Andrea, 18 years old, Term C, Libermann}

<< … I am tempted by studies in agricultural engineering, or in petrochemistry; I also thought about medicine >> (Estelle, 17 years old, Terminale D, Koumassi Technical High School)

<< … Music has always interested me, music or poetry but I do not know which course to follow >> (Joël, 16 years old, Première A4, Borromée College)

AI, thanks to the expertise of its members – composed largely of educational advisors, guidance counselors, and specialized teachers in the field of education – has been able to provide an element of response to the concerns of these future graduates. Many have registered this day to make an appointment to be able to benefit from a consultation to identify their abilities, in order of course to know if what they can do is in line with what they are able to do, and more importantly on what professional debauchees this academic orientation will lead them.

The prefect of LIBERMANN studies, the heads of the schools present, and the parents of the students met were more than satisfied by the follow-up we offer to these young future leaders. Highly the next edition!


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  1. I am in a scholarship into a canadian i will like to know the different universities in canada in which i can have a good scholarship for the masters level.i will like to know if i am to pay the helping team

    1. I am in interested in a canadian university plz nt that i am in a canadian university

      1. Hello Nancy, Our main mission is to get quality admissions to students in any country of the world and to accompany in obtaining their study visa. You can contact us via these numbers (Tel: +237 656 904 004 WhatsApp: +237 651 547 583) to make an appointment at our offices located at Akwa – Rue des école (Face PIGIER) and we shall give you more informations on your scholarship possibilities.

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