Student forum-edition october 26-28, 2016

Topic: << professionalization of higher education: vector of self-employment and harmonious socio professional insertion of diploma >>

On the occasion of the Forum of the Student, edition of October 26 to 28, 2016, Pr Jacques FAME NDONGO declares:

“Under the wise guidance of guidance counselors, the guidance-counseling activity that runs throughout this event, aims to support students in making the right, right and right choices in the galaxy. study programs offered by academic institutions on the one hand, and to explore the entrepreneurial skills that may be latency in them on the other. “

These words of the Cameroonian Minister of Higher Education aptly illustrate the daily roles of Admission Internationale (AI).

Indeed, AI is an educational enterprise whose main activities are related to higher education:

  • Training of trainers based on a Competence Based Approach;
  • Accompanying in the protocol of signature of agreement between the Universities and the big African schools and those of North America, and everywhere besides;
  • The facilitation of obtaining quality admission with international scholarship opportunities.

AI’s participation in the student forum was marked by great enthusiasm, students and companies / institutions in the square. These participants were indeed massively registered (a hundred) for making appointments in our premises, because seduced by our support system, by the facilitations that we offered them, and especially by our scholarship opportunities all profiles combined.

In fact, one of our educational consultants, Professor Justin Ngoya, professor at the University of Montreal in Canada, will be giving a series of lectures in July 2017, including: one will focus on: “Challenges in International Scholarships”. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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