Conferences: “Challenges associated with international education scholarships”

For several years, African students, and more particularly Cameroonians, have encountered difficulties in the process of obtaining scholarships abroad. In order to answer this problematic, Admission Internationale (IA) has decided to organize a series of conferences on the theme: “Challenges related to obtaining scholarships abroad”. Thus, in order to support them in this process, AI has called on one of their consultants from Canada, Pr. Justin Ngoya, Ph.D. – specialist in education sciences, professor at the University of Montreal .

These conferences open to all were intended to inform our younger brothers and sisters about the possibilities of scholarships available, to build them on the techniques to be used to meet the criteria of these scholarships and especially to help them thanks to the support of professionals throughout the process.

At first, Pr. Justin Ngoya emphasized the need for good guidance – an area that is still quite taboo in Africa. Thus, participants were able to grasp the importance of studying the academic profile of entry on the determination of an adequate exit profile, essential in the choice of a scholarship.

The conference continued as a question and answer; this format of presentation seemed very interesting to us since each participant could directly ask the questions according to their situation. Thus, several questions such as the following were identified:

“Does the scholarship cover any financial aspect? “
“Are there any scholarship opportunities without a degree? “
“With several refusals, are there any chances to get a scholarship?”
“Is there an age limit for applying for a scholarship? “
” I stopped studying a long time ago, do I still have opportunities to immigrate with a scholarship?”
“Does the scholarship guarantee the visa? “
” Do these scholarships abroad cover the entire curriculum or just part of it? Are they available for all programs and cycles? “

These questions clearly reflect the spirit of attention and needs that prevailed in the conference rooms; In fact, all the participants present during these four editions have recorded an appointment to speak more fully with Professor Ngoya. To this end, AI has taken care in each of its offices, both in Douala and Yaoundé, monitoring these young people to accompany them professionally in their travel plans.

Find the portrait of Pr Justin Ngoya, Ph.D., Here!

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