It is filled with enthusiasm that the International Admission (AI) team participated in the 131st edition of the Labor Party!

Our commitment is all the more accentuated by the fact that this year ‘s theme effectively expresses the values ​​of IA, our philosophy being focused on the well – being of staff, because when it is fulfilled is more productive.

Indeed, we can not speak of multifaceted development without mentioning the actors, both those already active and those of tomorrow, who will have to be more and more trained. AI acts in this sense through their main activities: – Training of trainers; – Facilitation of admission abroad, with scholarship possibilities. We accompany these compatriots to draw these knowledge and technologies from elsewhere in order to return to implement them at home. Well-trained actors for an emerging Cameroon.

Thus, in order to achieve development in all our sectors of professional activities, we actors must communicate, dialogue so that we can by an understanding mutual understanding economically. It is thus by converging our efforts towards this same goal, that we will speak about national cohesion in Cameroon.


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