The international collaboration between North American universities/institutes/schools and those from Africa in general, or Cameroon in particular, can be very beneficial since several major projects such as – student exchanges, recognition of prior learning, participation in scientific activities, the creation of joint training programs, the organization of scientific symposia, development assistance, etc. – are examples of partnerships that can be beneficial to the Cameroonian and African educational system.

Even if the higher educational system reform (Bachelor, Master, Doctorate.) in most African countries requires professors to question themselves on their teaching methods, the fact is that African universities are not sufficiently equipped to meet such a challenge. The development of higher education seems to have been neglected, Therefore, achieving such ambitious goal seems nearly impossible.

Since there is no more time to waste in this highly interconnected world, Cameroonian universities/institutes/schools must work together to meet their common challenges in higher education and international cooperation.

Considering all these facts presented above, memorandum of agreement signing between Cameroonian universities/institutes/school and those in North America is not an easy task; it should be planned and thought, and hence the need to be assisted by educational science specialists.